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We received these last Christmas and by the end of an afternoon there were major problems - a motor problem with one Remote Control Cars and a broken peg under one of the drivers and some odd radio glitches. I called Kid Galaxy the next morning and received fantastic treatment. I explained that the item was a gift and I didn't have a receipt and the representative I spoke with assured me that they would make things right. Within a couple of days I had a box show up at my house containing a brand new set!

The new set was different colors (black & red vs the blue & orange)and I immediately notice that the little peg under the drivers appeared to be totally redesigned (more robust).

We inserted the batteries and have never had ANY more problems (aside from replacing batteries) over the last 11months (we were playing with them yesterday).

Hopefully there are no more early revisions floating around out there but even so given my experience with Kid Galaxy I'd definitely buy these again.

When using these make sure that you have an open area to drive them around in- they turn VERY quickly and it can take a while for the kids to get the hang of the Radio Control Racing Car.